Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Diyusof Antivirus Final Release [New Update]

Diyusof Antivirus update again.

   - Addition of virus variants Database
   - Addition of a new heuristic
   - Repair program interface
   - Improvements to the exclusion feature
   - Improvements to HTML virus detection
   - Improvements to the virus detection shrotcut
   - Improvements in detection virut ramnit.html
   - Improvements in detection potentiallly unwanted programs (PUPs)
   - Fixed a bug that happens
   - Improved real-time protection
   - Increased when scanning
   - Reduction of false detection when scanning

Click below to download :

Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to update Diyusof antivirus definitions?

Hello all.
Now, I will tell you to 'How to update Diyusof antivirus definitions?'

You know, Diyusof Antivirus still do not have an automatic update feature in the program so we have to manually download the virus definitions.

1. Updating definitions.
Step 1:
Open link

Step 2:
Click on the name of 'Definition Update' at the bottom of the site.